Additional copper charges

Relevant for copper surcharge calculation is the DEL note’s average value of the calendar month preceding the date of ordering respectively call-off in case of call-off orders. On request we can give you also prices for other products of our product range not comprised in this price list.

The following additional charges in percent will be added to the net prices:

monthly average
Copper charges
in %
Copper charges
flameproof motors
in %
Design series K82R
Copper charges
compact drives
in %
November 2018555.23 Euro7.56.06.0
October 2018551.55 Euro7.56.06.0
September 2018526.40 Euro7.56.06.0
August 2018533.33 Euro7.56.06.0
July 2018544.95 Euro7.56.06.0
June 2018605.54 Euro8.57.07.0
May 2018586.94 Euro8.57.07.0
April 2018566.76 Euro7.56.06.0
March 2018561.85 Euro7.56.06.0
February 2018576.59 Euro8.57.07.0
January 2018590.13 Euro8.57.07.0
December 2017584.50 Euro8.57.07.0