Drives and motors for the cement and mining industries

The cement and mining industries are now subject to considerable pressure to innovate. In particular, the increasing importance of energy-efficient production systems and environmentally friendly processes requires ongoing new developments.

Dust, heat and harsh mechanical stress characterize the operating conditions for drive solutions in raw material extraction and processing. Such an environment places high demands on the motors and components used for mills, crushers, ovens or conveyor belts.


Asynchronous motors with slip ring rotors

Asynchronous motors with slip ring rotors are particularly suitable for withstanding these extreme requirements. We offer you robust slip ring motors in the medium and high voltage range that work reliably even in the dusty heat of a cement factory. With their special starter motors, the engines are also suitable for difficult starting conditions. Cooling is always done with air. To ensure that no cement dust gets inside the engine, each drive is equipped with its own closed cooling system in the form of an air-air heat exchanger. These heat exchangers are also designed and built by us.


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Three-phase high-voltage asynchronous motors