Welcome to our download area! Here you will find a variety of resources about our electric motors. Discover our certificates, detailed plans, informative brochures and catalogs, as well as helpful software and much more. Use these documents to obtain comprehensive information about our products and services and to find the optimal solution for your requirements.


Ex documents

Ex certificates, Ex d(e), Ex nA, Ex t

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Assembly, operating and maintenance instructions for our products

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Clamping plans

Terminal diagrams and additional connection diagrams

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Info brochures, manuals, general product information

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Certificates & Approvals

ISO certificates, NEPSI, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., GOST-UZ, TR/CU (EAC), CSA, CCC

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Customer magazine, conditions of sale, quality assurance, general terms and conditions

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Price lists, catalogs for low voltage as well as medium and high voltage

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Trademark Association

Here you will find the documents for our trademark.

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EU declarations of conformity

EU declarations of conformity for our products

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Safety instructions

Safety information about our products

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Here you can find VEM-related software for download.

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