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Drive solutions for steel and rolling mills

As a traditional supplier to heavy industry, VEM has developed into a specialist and competent partner over decades.

Through many years of work in the design of three-phase drives, in the manufacture, construction and project planning, VEM has extensive

Gained experience in both new construction of entire plants and in modernizing and upgrading existing plants.

We plan, manufacture, deliver and put complete system solutions in metallurgy into operation for you.

We supply, among other things, motors for reversing stands in single and twin configurations, for edgers, for finishing and tandem lines in single, duo or fourto configurations, for reels, shears, positioning motors, cranes, furnace applications, for hot and cold rolling mills. Pumps, roller tables with and without gears and auxiliary drives, as well as “special motors” for special applications that meet the extremely challenging environmental conditions and areas of application.


Resilient drives

Drives in steel and rolling mills are exposed to extremely tough requirements. Red-hot steel, changing operating modes, high ambient temperatures and occurring overloads mean high electrical and mechanical stress, which requires very stable constructions. The drives are characterized by their robustness against mechanical stress, are reliable and can withstand overloads.


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