DEL quotation


Copper aggregates

For the calculation of the copper surcharges, the average value of the DEL note for the calendar month that precedes the day of receipt of the order or of the call-off for call-off orders is decisive. We will be happy to provide the prices for products from our production program that are not included in this price list upon request.

The following percentage copper surcharges will be levied on the respective net prices.

Month/YearDEL note, monthly average valueCu surcharge in %Cu surcharge for flameproof motors in %Series K82R Cu surcharge for compact drives in %
Junu 2024920.40 Euro14.5013.0013.00
May 2024961.47 Euro15.5014.0014.00
April 2024908.43 Euro14.5013.0013.00
März 2024822.02 Euro12.5011.0011.00
February 2024794.18 Euro12.5011.0011.00
January 2024789.24 Euro12.5011.0011.00
December 2023793.89 Euro12.5011.0011.00
November 2023780.49 Euro12.5011.0011.00
October 2023776.37 Euro12.5011.0011.00
Sepetmber 2023798.65 Euro12.5011.0011.00
August 2023789.24 Euro12.5011.0011.00
July 2023787.33 Euro12.5011.0011.00