Built-in motors

Installed motors are specially developed motors that are integrated directly into machines or vehicles. They play a central role in mechanics and mechanical engineering, as they are responsible for driving a wide variety of devices and applications.


Built-in motors are characterized by their compact design and high efficiency. They often have a modular design, which increases their adaptability to different machines. The key features include a robust construction, long service life and high power density. Many built-in motors are also optimized for specific applications, which further increases their functionality and reliability.


The areas of application for built-in motors are diverse. They are used in the automotive industry, where they provide propulsion in vehicles. In industry they are integrated into machines, tools and conveyor systems. They are also used in the household appliance industry, for example in washing machines and dishwashers. In addition, built-in motors are used in medical technology and aviation, where precise and reliable drive solutions are required.

Our range of services

We supply you with wound stator packages and rotor bodies from our range of three-phase motors with squirrel cage rotors. The windings are available in thermal class 155 (F), with the option of class 180 (H). Our energy-saving motors are available in efficiency classes IE2 and IE3.

The tolerance for the mounting hole of the wrapped stator cores is:

  • H7 up to size 112
  • P7 for size 132
  • S7 from size 160.

After being pressed onto the shaft, the rotor bodies must be turned over to the finished dimension d 38 and dynamically balanced.

Technical details


56 – 400

Performance range

0.06 – 710 kW


3,000, 1,500, 1,000, 750 min⁻¹

Protection types

IP 00 according to EN 60034-5 (IEC 60034-5)


IM 5010

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EU declaration of conformity

EU-Konformitätserklärung für asynchrone Drehstrom-Motoren/-Generatoren mit Käfigläufer oder Schleifringläufer

EU declaration of conformity for asynchronous three-phase motors/generators with squirrel cage or slip ring rotors

Safety instructions

Sicherheitshinweise für elektrische Betriebsmittel in Niederspannungsstarkstromanlagen (2014/35/EU)

Safety instructions for electrical equipment in low-voltage power systems (2014/35/EU)

Assembly, operating and maintenance instructions

Zusätzliche Bedienungsanleitung Permanenterregte Synchronmotoren

Additional operating instructions permanent magnet synchronous motors