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We cordially invite you to our 21st Technical Conference, with the topic „Electric drive systems – innovation for more sustainability“.

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420 tons gross load through Dresden

Heavy transport of two compressor motors

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Electronic Catalogue VEMeKAT

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VEM innovative, future and customer oriented

VEM is an innovative, internationally-active and reliable manufacturer of technically sophisticated system and drive solutions, custom drives and single components. The output capacity ranges from 0.06 kilowatts to 60 megawatts / 90 megavolt ampere. Continuity and reliability, including in the future, this is what the production and service at VEM stands for. The engineering and quality of the products with the VEM logo are trendsetters within the market.

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Where is the oldest VEM motor operated?

The history of the VEM Group begins at the start of the 20th century. The three German locations that today make up the VEM Group, initially developed completely independently of each other as separate companies that grew together in the course of history. Today, the company can look back on a history of more than 130 years, built on a culture of innovation, technical expertise and the highest level of engineering, which still characterizes the VEM Group to this day.

We would like to share and celebrate this development with you. Take part in our competition and send us a photo of the oldest VEM motor still in operation.

Win a weekend for two in Dresden or Wernigerode, including an evening event. Have we aroused your interest? All you have to do is find the oldest VEM motor. Send us a photo of the motor and the name plate by e-mail to The closing date for entries is 31.07.2023.

You can see the conditions of participation here.



Conversion of selected types to new type series (IE3-W41 → IE3-W43)

We are constantly striving to continuously supplement and optimize our product portfolio in the interest of our customers.
That is why we inform you, that we have changed one part of our IE3-W41. series to an optimized IE3-W43. series.

Further motor types are continuously added. The changeover will be completed by December 31st 2019.

Detailed technical information can be found in our electronic catalogue.

If required, the superseded motor types are now only available on request.
The availability of spare parts is of course guaranteed within the scope of legal obligations.

Your VEM team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at

Zwickau invests in the redesigning of a production hall Everything is now ready for the next step in redesigning of the entire hall.

Many of the machines in the mechanical workshop have already been replaced over the past years. The idea is that the machin- ing of rotors, shafts, housings with terminal boxes and now also end shields should be controlled according to material flows. The placing of an order for two new EMAG VL5i machining centres was an ideal opportunity to redesign the production area for end shield machining. In summer 2018, work began with partial refurbishment of the floor. The entire EV cabling was replaced and data lines were laid to enable integration into the company’s SAP system and thus paperless manufacturing in the future.

Following commissioning of the machining centres in October 2018, EMAG provided on-site training for the operators. One of them is Dirk Schubert. He manufactures end shields of all sizes in grey cast iron or aluminium for projects requiring batches of at least  10 workpieces. The EMAGs can also be used for contract production for other VEM locations. There is now nothing in the way of progress to the next step.
Dirk Schubert has been working on the new EMAG VL5i end shield machining centres since October 2018.

Wernigerode invests in a new mashining centre Wernigerode has invested in a new VHC2-3000 XTS machining centre from AXA Entwicklungs- und Maschinenbau.

When the shaft end machining centre enters production
in the third quarter of 2019, it will realise several techno- logical benefits. The swivel-head milling spindle will permit the machining of shaft ends for all shaft heights required
in Wernigerode. In the past, the unmachined shafts had
to be sent to an external provider to be cut to length and centred. In future, these process steps can be handled
on the new machine. That not only enhances in-house value creation, but also enables better and more flexible response to individual customer wishes. Another plus: Inhouse manufacturing is a key to even higher quality, thanks to unbroken monitoring of the production process.
In addition, the new machining centre allows more flexible organisation of the cutting and centring stages, for example by enabling key slots to be milled into otherwise finished shafts. Working conditions are also improved by the generous layout of the production hall, especially when working with unmachined shafts in lengths over 3,000 mm. All in all, the purchase of the shaft end machining centre is in every way a good investment, as it renders replacement of an older machine superfluous.

New insulation robot at Sachsenwerk Installation boosts production capacity for high-voltage coils

With the recent purchase and installation of a new insulation robot, VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH has killed two birds with one stone. Firstly, it enables the electric drive specialist to practically double the number of insulated copper-wire coils it can produce. That not only expands production capacities, but also improves overall production conditions. At the same time, the commissioning of the new plant – at a cost of around €750,000 – is an investment in the future. “We intend to continue with further investments to support our core competences winding and coil manufacture over the next two years. After all, they represent the heart of an electric machine,” says Sebastian Wolf, head of the coil manufacturing department. The new insulation robot achieves tangible enhancement of the wrapping quality for the insulation of high-voltage machines from Sachsenwerk. “We are now even better able to meet both our own quality ambitions and the ever-increasing demands of our customers,” Wolf continues. With reference to the bulging order books, he also emphasises that this modern technology does not place jobs in danger. On the contrary, it is actually contributing to the creation of new jobs at Sachsenwerk.


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