Environmentally friendly energy

Drives and motors for renewable energy sources

When it comes to generating energy from renewable sources, VEM focuses on the development of generators for wind turbines. The products are among the technologically leading on the market and significantly determine the step size of the product generation for wind turbines. Thanks to powerful calculation and design departments, the generators are tailored to the individual needs of users.

The stable and sufficient supply of electrical energy is crucial for the economic development of a country. For years, ecological considerations have increasingly played a primary role in the selection of energy sources. Energy generation through wind and hydropower is becoming even more important as an environmentally friendly alternative and is a secure source of energy for our future.

In line with the industry, we supply asynchronous and synchronous generators up to 8 MW as well as actuators for azimuth and pitch gears for wind turbines. Hydroelectric power plants, such as Germany's largest 1060 MW pumped storage plant in Goldisthal/Thuringia, feed electrical energy into the grid using VEM generators.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines are technological systems that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. They consist of large rotor blades that are powered by the wind and a generator that converts the movement into electricity. Wind turbines play a crucial role in sustainable energy production and contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They are a central element of the energy transition and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Wind farms can be built both on land and offshore and help reduce dependence on non-renewable energy.


Generators for wind turbines / wind turbines

Wind power generators in particular benefit from industrial applications and decades of experience in the construction of electrical machines in development and production.

Thanks to our powerful calculation and design departments, the wind power generators are tailored to the individual needs of the users. Our development departments work closely with partners from science and research. This results in products that are among the technologically leading on the market and play a key role in determining the pace of the product generation for wind turbines.


Hydroelectric power plants

Hydroelectric power plants are energy production facilities that use the power of flowing water to produce electrical power. They usually work with dams or run-of-river power plants, where the water is passed through turbines. These turbines drive generators that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Hydropower is one of the oldest and most efficient forms of renewable energy, providing a reliable and continuous power supply. It contributes significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supports sustainable energy production. Hydroelectric power plants are environmentally friendly and use a natural resource without consuming fossil fuels.


Motors for hydropower

VEM supplies efficiency-optimized motors especially for large volume flows when withdrawing water from reservoirs, rivers and seas, for the transport of raw, pure and process water in industry, water supply and seawater desalination plants and for large wastewater treatment plants for driving high-performance pumps.


Power plant technology

Electric motors and generators play a central role in fossil power plants and are essential for the efficient operation of these systems. Generators are the heart of electricity generation in fossil power plants. In thermal power plants, where fossil fuels such as coal, crude oil or natural gas are burned to heat water and generate steam, the resulting steam turbines drive the generators. These generators convert the mechanical energy from the turbines into electrical energy, which is then fed into the power grid.


Motors for power plants

Conventional power plants based on fossil fuels form the basic supply and the reserve for the supply of electrical energy and stable network operation. With regard to the environment and resources, combustion and exhaust systems must be further optimized. VEM motors according to ZLM standardization help to meet the carbon emissions and air pollution control requirements of power plants. We supply motors for, among other things, boiler feed, main cooling water and absorber pumps as well as for oxide compressors, coal mills and induced draft fans.


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Leistungsblatt Permanent erregter Windkraft-Synchrongenerator

Data sheet for permanently excited wind power synchronous generator


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Renewable Energies: Flyer Number one for offshore


Erneuerbare Energien: Flyer Windkraftgeneratoren 4 MW

Renewable energies: Flyer wind power generators 4 MW


Erneuerbare Energien: Lösungen für die Windenergie Synchron- und Asynchrongeneratoren, Azimut- und Pitchantriebe

Renewable energies: solutions for wind energy, synchronous and asynchronous generators, azimuth and pitch drives