Automation and Modernisation

Our automation solutions cover both plant control and the operation and monitoring of single machines. They are suitable for retrofitting to an existing installation as well as for integration into new projects. All solutions are based on proven software and hardware components from leading manufacturers.

When is modernistaion a meaningful option?

The modernisation of an existing drive system is meaningful for all applications where complex analogue converters with medium to high outputs are used. This includes, for example, applications in rolling mills, cement works, paper machines or excavators.

How is modernisation realised?

The scope of the modernisation is dependent on the condition of the existing plant. Possible measures include:

  • Replacement of the old analogue control systems and their corresponding hardware interface with high-quality digital control systems
  • Integration of bus systems for communication with the automation level
  • Replacement of the auxiliary drives
  • Replacement of the power units

What are the benefits for the user?

  • Short plant downtimes during conversion
  • Implementation of special technological requirements
  • Significant cost reductions through the re-use of high-cost components such as cables, circuit-breakers, transformers, possibly also power units, etc.
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