23. May 2019

Zwickau invests in the redesigning of a production hall Everything is now ready for the next step in redesigning of the entire hall.

Many of the machines in the mechanical workshop have already been replaced over the past years. The idea is that the machin- ing of rotors, shafts, housings with terminal boxes and now also end shields should be controlled according to material flows. The placing of an order for two new EMAG VL5i machining centres was an ideal opportunity to redesign the production area for end shield machining. In summer 2018, work began with partial refurbishment of the floor. The entire EV cabling was replaced and data lines were laid to enable integration into the company’s SAP system and thus paperless manufacturing in the future.

Following commissioning of the machining centres in October 2018, EMAG provided on-site training for the operators. One of them is Dirk Schubert. He manufactures end shields of all sizes in grey cast iron or aluminium for projects requiring batches of at least  10 workpieces. The EMAGs can also be used for contract production for other VEM locations. There is now nothing in the way of progress to the next step.
Dirk Schubert has been working on the new EMAG VL5i end shield machining centres since October 2018.

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