28. May 2018

Praised as outstanding VEM image film receives gold award of the international media branch

World Media Award
Marion Perplies & Lars Klatte*

If you have visited the VEM website recently, you have probably already admired one of the latest features – the new image film of the VEM Group. With impressive video clips, 3D animations, concise text information, an individual soundtrack and eye-catching effects, it presents the whole spectrum of products and services offered by VEM, and illustrates how VEM is contributing to many branches of industry with its diverse portfolio.

The film was also voted one of the best of its kind at the 19th International WorldMediaFestival which was held in Hamburg on 16th May 2018. Some 780 entries from 40 nations were submitted to this global competition for audio-visual communication media. The VEM image film received a ‘Gold’ award in the category ‘Sales Promotions’. The jury praised especially the outstanding combination of animated motors with real-video sequences from the corresponding branches.

VEM entrusted concept elaboration and realisation of the image film to its marketing agency Juniks Marketing GmbH and the production company AVANGA Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG. The managing directors of the two companies, Marion Perplies from Juniks Marketing and Tina Illgen from AVANGA, were present at the gala evening in Hamburg to accept the award.

“We also show the film at trade fairs and other events attended by VEM, and have received a great deal of positive feedback,” says Lars Klatte, coordinator of corporate communications at VEM.

* Corporate communications coordinator Lars Klatte oversaw production of the image film on behalf of VEM. He was thus more than pleased to take over the award previously accepted by Marion Perplies, managing director of Juniks Marketing GmbH, at the 19th International WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg.



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