System solutions Chemistry, oil and gas

Safe when there is the danger of explosions – drives (VEMoCHEM) for the chemical, oil and gas industry

It is absolutely necessary to have protection from explosions in the chemical and petrochemical as well as oil and gas industries to guarantee safe plant operation. This is what our range of drive solutions and electrical components aims at.

Operating spaces where explosive mixtures of gases and steam/air form or flammable dust could occur demand special electrical drives and solutions accompanied by the appropriate service.

The special machines, speed-controlled drives and complete systems from VEM in the low- and medium-voltage ranges are adapted to these special needs and designed for specific customers.

Product safety is essential for your plants and efficiently using resources and our solutions will enable you to meet your responsibilities.


Protection type

High voltage

Low voltage

brushless three-phase synchronous motors

three-phase asynchronous motors
three-phase motors
Increased safety “e“VEMoDRIVE Single
500 – 28,000 kW
280 – 37,000 kW0.12 – 320 kW
Flameproof enclosure “d/de“


0.12 – 710 kW
Excess flameproof enclosure “p“VEMoDRIVE Single
500 – 28,000 kW
280 – 37,000 kW

“n“ (non-sparking)VEMoDRIVE Single
500 – 28,000 kW
280 – 37,000 kW0.06 – 710 kW
For application in zone 21


0.06 – 710 kW
For application in zone 22


0,06 – 710 kW
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