Services Testing Laboratory Services and Contract Manufacturing

Testing Laboratory Services

Our high-performance testing equipment enables us to offer comprehensive testing laboratory services such as component, type and system tests in the capacity of a neutral partner. On request we can also undertake special testing in the scope of product development work. Our company has the necessary experts along with the extensive experience with the testing requirements from various official acceptance organisations at home and abroad (such as IbexU, DNV.GL, Lloyd´s Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, TÜV Nord and Deutsche Bahn). We would also be happy to draw up detailed test plans at your request.

Technical data of our test facilities:

  • measuring station with separate visitor area
  • 876 m2 active test area in the large machine test facility
  • 150 m2 active test area in the medium-sized machine test facility
  • 6 MW mains test output (50 Hz/6.3 kV / 580 kNm max. torque)
  • 5 MW test output, variable frequency
  • synthetic testing for larger machines
  • voltage ranges from 400 V to 15 kV
  • frequency range up to 80 Hz
  • testing of traction drives up to 2.5 kV / 700 kW / 200 Hz
  • testing of 2-pole machines up to 4 MW at 50 Hz
  • connection to the 20 kV network directly on the test field
  • 100 m² test pit for vertical machines with a test capacity of 4 MW
  • 200 t of crane capacity, crane hook height 9 m
  • connections for cooling water and oil supply

Contract Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art plant and equipment enable us to take on services in electrical machine construction and for the mechanical processing of very large components and subassemblies. In the process you can also benefit from our outstanding factory equipment:

  • Large-scale drilling machine
  • Large turning gears
  • Laser cutting equipment
  • Punching devices
  • Impregnating equipment
  • Winding systems
  • Balancing and overspeed test facility (Schenk) up to a rotor mass of 63 t in the rpm range 150 to 4000 min-1

We will be happy to send you further details of our manufacturing options on request.

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