03. March 2021

VEM completes its portfolio for low-speed shaft generators

low-speed shaft generators
Low-Speed Shaft Generators

As a supplier of low-speed, electrically excited shaft generators, VEM has been a successful market leader for many years with robust, durable and highly efficient machines.

Now the existing model range has been revised and expanded. In addition to the electrically excited types, permanently excited shaft generators are now available in the same dimensions. These are characterized by a 30 % higher torque for the same size and by a further increase in efficiency.

VEM supplies generators in shaft heights of 900 mm, 1120 mm, 1400 mm and 1600 mm for a power range from 480 kVA to over 14,000 kVA. The design is engineered for optimized cooling, high efficiency and simplified maintenance.

With the application of PM technology, it is possible to significantly reduce the rotor mass but especially the rotor moments of inertia compared to the classic, electrically excited variant. This results in considerable potential savings in the dimensioning of the entire shaft train of the ship's propeller system. The design of the rotor construction, which is trimmed for low weight, and easy-to-mount magnet modules pose a considerable challenge to our designers and development engineers in mastering the requirements of rough diesel operation.

In the course of revising the machine series, the test capacity was also adapted so that load tests up to 550 kNm can be carried out in the Dresden test facility. So-called 'back-to-back' tests can also be carried out with the original converter / AFE. These testing possibilities allow us to prove the performance of our shaft generators in conformity with the requirements of ship classification societies.

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