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VEM has many years of experience in building ship motors and it also has the licences from all of the important ship classification companies. We build and supply motors and generators for a wide range of all ship models. They range from the large-scale machine with a weight ranging from 200 tonnes to the broad spectrum of accessory drives. Our scope of delivery includes shaft, diesel and on-board electrical system generators, propeller drives, bow thrusters and transverse rudder drives, pump drives and drives from on-board auxiliary equipment.

Shaft and diesel generators provide the on-board power plants with energy for major luxury liners and containerships. Propeller motors substitute for great diesel motors and can be installed distributed in the ship on the principle of the electrical shaft. Transverse rudder drives make it possible to manoeuvre in ports. Dimensioning the machines on an engineering scale takes the special, often crowded installation options on board and special ventilation situations into account.

Robust grey cast iron motors in protective seawater designs guarantee the drives of auxiliary aggregates in the low-voltage range for fans, pumps, capstans and rotary and hoisting gears. They are specially designed for the specific climatic and mechanical stresses.

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