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Forecasts of the International Energy Agency (IEA) indicate that the world’s need for energy will burgeon by more than 50 percent by 2030. IEA also says it will have to mainly be covered by sources of fossil energy in coming decades. This is the reason why power station engineering is faced with the challenge of designing combustion systems to reduce resource utilisation and go easier on the environment.

VEM supplies its customers with solutions that link this challenge with a high level of plant profitability and therefore competitiveness. Our drives make a contribution to meeting the power stations’ requirements of carbon emissions and air purification. That applies to gas-fired and gas-turbine power stations as well as steam power station solutions.

For instance, VEM supplies drives for induced draught ventilators in flue-gas desulphurisation plants. The hallmark of these water-cooled three-phase asynchronous motors is minimum noise emissions and the fact that they can be turned on directly on the network. VEM’s scope of delivery also includes drive machines for fans, auxiliary drives and pumps, including for suspension and vacuum pumps.

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