Low-voltage Compact drives

VEMoDRIVE compact

This compact unit composed of a motor and converter offers essential benefits as compared to the separate installation of these units:

  • no costs incurred for drive project planning,
  • the converter is mounted on the motor ⇒ no mounting surface or floorspace required for the converter,
  • high vibration resistance and high level of type of protection come as a standard feature ⇒ long service life,
  • no output filter required owing to the design principle,
  • no motor cables required ⇒ merely unshielded power cables are required,
  • very low assembly or installation input, and
  • minimum start-up requirements ⇒ ready for operation in a short time

VEMoDRIVE Compact can be supplied with the very same options as those available for the components of motor and converter. For the converter, these are first of all an external operator control module, interfaces (such as bus interfaces), but also input or output modules as well as control modules. For the motor, these are, among others, the design configuration, the type of protection, separately driven fans that may be chosen from, but also brakes or encoders are available as optional items. Upon request, the activation of the brakes or the evaluation of encoder signals can be implemented in the converter.

VEMoDRIVE Compact drives with motors of efficiency class IE1*

  • MT21R, M21R, self-ventilation
  • MT21F, M21F, forced ventilation

VEMoDRIVE Compact drives with motors of efficiency class IE2*

  • ME1R, self-ventilation
  • ME1F, forced ventilation

*Motors conform to IE1 or IE2 resp. on the mains

Technical details

SystemCompact drive systems for general uses
Frame sizes71 – 180 (200 is in the pipeline)
Power output range0.55 – 22 kW (30 kW is in the pipeline)
Efficiency classes according to IEC 60034-30As a standard feature, the motors of the VEMoDRIVE Compact model meet the requirements of efficiency class IE2 (optionally IE3) for mains operation.
However, VEMoDRIVE Compact drive systems can optionally also be supplied with motors without an efficiency class rating or with efficiency class IE1 rating.
Speeds3,000; 1,500; 1,000 r.p.m.
Types of protectionIP 54 or IP55, optionally IP 56, IP 66 (as a function of the type of converter), according to DIN EN 60034-5 (IEC 60034-5)
Design typeIM B3, IM B35, IM B5, IM B14, IM B34 and derived designs according to EN 60034-7
Types of coolingAccording to DIN EN 60034-6 (IEC 60034-6)

  • self-ventilated, IC 411
  • forced-ventilated, IC 416.
Coolant temperature / altitude of siteAs a standard feature, 0°C through +40°C, altitude of site 1,000 m above sea level
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