Low-voltage Asynchronous generators

For the use of regenerative energy sources such as wind power or water power, the asynchronous generator is a reliable and cost-efficient alternative to the conventional synchronous generator that is easy to maintain, even in small or medium-sized power generation equipment. Depending on the case of operation, asynchronous generators are operated on an in-house power supply system, or in parallel to an existing power supply system respectively. By now, the previous G21R / G22R type series are supplemented by the GE1R / GE2R type series the design of which is based on the IE-2 type series of asynchronous motors.

Technical details

Frame sizes132 – 400
Power output rangeup to 710 kVA
Speeds1,500; 1,000; 750; 600; 500 r.p.m., lower speeds are available upon request
Types of protectionIP 55, optionally IP 56, IP 65 according to EN 60034-5 (IEC 60034-5)
Design typeIM B3, IM B35, IM B5, IM B14, IM B34 and derived designs according to EN 60034-7
Types of coolingAccording to EN 60034-6 (IEC 60034-6)

  • self-ventilated, IC 411
  • forced-ventilated, IC 416
  • unventilated, IC 410
Coolant temperature / altitude of siteAs a standard feature, -20°C through +40°C, altitude of site 1,000 m above sea level, deviating temperatures or altitudes of site are available upon request
TransponderOptional, RFID System iID®2000 (13.56 MHz based on ISO 15693)
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