09. August 2022

Press release: High-speed motor made in Dresden VEM develops high-speed motor with an energy density 10 times higher than that of a 2-pole standard motor

High Speed Motor made in Dresden
High-Speed-Motor made in Dresden

Dresden, 09.08.2022 - There are applications in which pumps and compressors require drive speeds and power that cannot be achieved with classic electric motors. Currently, reduction gears or steam and gas turbines are used. At this point, VEM GmbH offers a compact and powerful alternative with the new high-speed motor series.

The power/speed curve here runs from the smallest motor with a motor output of approx. 1000 kW at up to 20,000 rpm to the largest motors with approx. 30,000 kW at 5,000 rpm. Even higher outputs of up to approx. 46,000 kW at 3,600 rpm are envisaged. The energy density in the rotor can be up to 10 times that of the conventional 2-pole motor at 3,000 rpm. This can only be controlled by using completely new cooling concepts.

Speeds of 17,000 rpm

During the first prototype tests, speeds of 17,000 rpm were achieved. "The development target is motors in the range of up to 30 MW at 5,000 rpm. We will also be looking at the use of magnetic bearings. With this bearing technology, the rotor dynamics can be actively positively influenced during operation," explains Roland Ehrl, Executive Sales Director Large Drive Systems at VEM. The focus is on users, manufacturers and system integrators of compressors and pumps, OEMs in the oil & gas sector and retrofitters of turbines.

Compact, efficient and low-maintenance

The high-speed motors as direct drives are not only more compact than gear drives or turbomachinery, the elimination of the gearbox also eliminates the associated power loss. Drive systems with high-speed motors are highly efficient and precisely controllable. This supports the globally demanded reduction of CO2 emissions. At the same time, high-speed motors are just as low-maintenance as conventional electric motors. This is another advantage over drive systems with gearboxes, but even more so over steam or gas turbines. The above-mentioned advantages reduce the life cycle costs compared to all other drive types.

High-speed drive systems from a single source

High-speed motors are always operated on inverters; if they were operated on the mains, the high speeds would not be possible. The matching of the drive system is very important here. VEM works together with selected partners to ensure the optimum system design of the high-speed drive system. VEM therefore always supplies the complete drive system and guarantees its function.

Sales contact:

Roland Ehrl
Executive Sales Director Large Drive Systems
Email: high-speed@vem-group.com

About VEM

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