06. September 2021

Oil, heat and molecular chains – A new drive for the steam cracker

VEM is producing replacement drives for BASF

The VEM Group and the chemical company BASF have been working closely together for many years. Once again this year, the long-established German company has provided replacements for the main motor previously supplied. It is used in the core of the BASF plant in Ludwigshafen, in the steam cracker.

In the steam cracker, the long hydrocarbon chains of raw petroleum are broken down into shorter molecular chains with the help of steam. The resulting substances in turn form the basis for such products as plastics, solvents, pesticides, paints and other common household applications.

With its motors, VEM provided the main drive of the boiler feed water pump for one of the five steam crackers at BASF worldwide. Due to the enormous stress and heat in the petrochemical process, the motors run for five years at a stretch between two inspections before a new drive is installed.

The VEM group of companies has always impressed BASF with its powerful and innovative drives, as well as with its decades of experience and comprehensive, individual customer support. Not least because of its work in accordance with the highest German standards and the reliability of its power plants, VEM is a strong and competent partner for customers and companies worldwide.

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