15. December 2020

New Regulation (EU) 2019/1781 laying down ecodesign requirements for electric motors and speed governors comes into force on 1st July 2021

New regulations


The validity of the currently existing Regulation (EC) No 640/2009 on the ecodesign of electric motors and the regulation contained therein to use an IE2 motor with speed control (VSD) in the power range 0.75 to 375 kW will end with effect from 30th June 2021. This means: The placing on the market of an IE2 motor in the power range 0.75 to 1,000 kW with the marking "Use with VSD only" is no longer permitted!

The following efficiency classes must be complied with for 2- to 8-pole motors:

Power range 0.12 to > 0.75 kWIE2
Power range 0.75 to 1,000 kW including explosion-proof three-phase motors with the exception of type of protection Ex eb.IE3
Motors for passenger and goods transport (marine engines, railway engines)IE3

We are taking this new regulation as an opportunity to withdraw the IE2 portfolio (incl. Ex eb) from the range as early as 31st March 2021, thus already reacting to the influences from the market. Individual requirements can be examined and, if necessary, offered upon request and consultation with the responsible sales representative.

In addition to repairs, the new regulation also allows the supply of identical replacement engines if the original engines were placed on the market before 1st July 2021. These engines must be specifically ordered as such and marked accordingly upon delivery.

Your sales contact will be happy to answer your questions and explain the details of the new regulation.

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