Low-voltage Memory design

The RFID technology is used successfully by VEM for many years. Important data of the drive system is saved on an RFID tag, which is attached physically to the system. This optional design – named “memory design” – is used as standard for all motors of shaft size 400 and bigger (RFID system iID®2000, 13.56 MHz, based on ISO 15693). For smaller motors (including motors of shaft size 355) this technology is also available as additional option. On the memory chip of this transponder (TAG) information is stored about selected name plate and motor data as well as additional technical specifications for accessory equipment, selected spare parts, information about motor maintenance and customer or user data if applicable. In addition it is possible to actively maintain a maintenance journal.

Transponder modelD14-TAGspecial RFID system iID®2000 (13.56 MHz based upon ISO 15693)
Place to be mountedThe transponder is fastened on the housing with 2K construction adhesive and it is mounted on the motor N-side approximately 40 mm from the fan cowl and 5 mm from its upper rib border.


The safety regulations applicable in the areas of application should be complied with when using RFID technology.
Special reading pens (PEN) are needed for using this technology that have the correct driver software. Suitable models are listed in the PDF.

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