02. September 2015

VEM drives for chemical plant
Pump drives from VEM for fertiliser plant Grodno Azot

Chemical plant Grodno Azot
© iStock/alexvav

Grodno Azot, one of the most important chemical companies in Belarus, is currently investing in a new production plant for nitric acid. Alongside, a facility is being set up for production of the liquid fertiliser UAN. The project is being equipped by a German plant engineering contractor, who has once more commissioned VEM to supply the drive motors for the pumps. The decision was founded not least on positive experience from past cooperation with VEM, for example projects in Egypt and the Netherlands.

To reduce energy consumption, the customer has chosen to incorporate low-voltage threephase motors of efficiency class IE2. The motors from the VEM factories in Wernigerode and Zwickau are designed for outputs between 4.0 and 250 kW. Production at the new plant is scheduled to start in 2016. Grodno Azot has been producing chemicals and fertilisers for agriculture since the 1960s. The growing demand for fertilisers can be attributed to the combination of an increasing population and constantly shrinking area available to agriculture.