02. September 2015

VEM drives provide for cooling of the traction motors
The new Class 245 diesel locomotive for Deutsche Bahn is to be used firstly on the island of Sylt and in the Allgäu region.

Class 245 diesel locomotive
© Bombardier

Tourists and residents on the North Sea island of Sylt are sure to rejoice. The car shuttles over the Hindenburgdamm causeway are to be pulled by a new class of diesel-electric locomotive from the end of 2015. The primary benefit of the Class 245 locomotive: It is environment-friendly, quieter and uses less fuel, because the four parallel diesel engines can be switched on and off individually.

The four traction motor fans per locomotive are to be supplied by VEM in Zwickau. Approx. 83 % of the air flow produced is used to cool the traction motor. The remaining 17 % is passed over filter mats and serves as ventilation for the engine space. The new locomotive has already completed thousands of test kilometres in the south of Germany. Deutsche Bahn AG has also purchased seven locomotives of the new class for the Allgäu-Schwaben region. They will be used for timetable services between Memmingen and Munich, and from Füssen to Munich and Augsburg.

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