The table below illustrates the current stock of our low voltage motors in Germany and Finland.

The motors can be delivered in 24 h depending on the warehouse location.

You can filter the results by the selection of technical parameters.


Following the tightening of the EC motor regulation from IE2 to IE3 or IE2 + VSD our IE2 stock motors are relabeled. Due to this and the modifications which result thereby, there may be short delays in delivery of available motors.

The prices remain unchanged up to a level of EUR 225/100 kg Cu-DEL-Quotation. For Cu-DEL-Quotation above EUR 225/100 kg, we take the following additional charges in percent of net prices:

EUR per 100 kg
Copper charges
in %
Copper charges
compact drives in %
225,- up to below 275,-1,21,0
275,- up to below 325,-2,51,5
325,- up to below 375,-3,52,0
375,- up to below 425,-4,53,0
425,- up to below 475,-5,54,0
475,- up to below 525,-6,55,0
525,- up to below 575,-7,56,0
575,- up to below 625,-8,57,0
625,- up to below 675,-9,58,0
675,- up to below 725,-10,59,0
725,- up to below 775,-11,510,0
775,- up to below 825,-12,511,0

Relevant for copper surcharge calculation is the DEL note’s average value of the calendar month preceding the date of ordering respectively call-off in case of call-off orders. On request we can give you also prices for other products of our product range not comprised in this price list.

For the current copper charges, visit our website DEL-Quotation.

Terms of delivery

The general delivery terms for products and services of VEM motors GmbH are valid.


Subject to prior sale. Before bank holidays we would like to ask you to phone us for clarification.

Export Regulations
  1. The products of VEM motors GmbH can be subject to export regulations of Germany, the EU and the USA.
  2. As far as an export licence is required, the delivery has to be approved by the competent authority.
  3. The fulfillment of an order is therefore to be seen under the reservation that there are no restrictions for the export cause of national and/or international legal rules, in particular by export control regulations. Furthermore it has to be considered – the fulfillment of a contract by VEM motors GmbH provide that the export licence has been given by the competent authority for those parts which are registered by national export regulations.
Extra charges for cancellation

At cancellation our charge and expenses are charged separately.

Explanations for modifications of motors with squirrel-cage rotor

VEM three phase motors with squirrel-cage rotors are available in two type series that are both based on IEC 72 with regard to their designs and frame sizes. (See table of motor selection data for type coordination)

The K11R/K21R/K22R/WE1R/WE2R/W21R/W22R/WU1R/WU2R series is conceived as a classic IEC/DIN series, i.e. the fixing dimensions and correspondence of output as specified in DIN 42673/DIN 42677. The K10R/K20R/K25R series have arisen from a progressive coordination of output in comparison with these DIN standards. They offer output up to two stages higher with the same frame size. The type series K25R offers, compared with series K21R, increased output correlated to IEC/DIN mounting dimensions. The type series is avail-able in shaft heights 63 – 280. The variations derived from series with different output coordination can also be supplied as special versions.

PB ...Nominal output

Standard voltage and frequency
voltage and frequency range A or B
230 V D/400 V Y, 50 Hz
400 V D/690 V Y, 50 Hz
500 V, 50 Hz
460 V, 60 Hz
480 V, 60 Hz
600 V, 60 Hz
275 V D/480 V Y, 60 Hz
600 V, 60 Hz

Standard voltage and frequency for motors acc. to VIK-recommendation 1, März 2011
voltage and frequency range A or B
230 V/400 V* ± 5 %**, 50 Hz, D/Y
400 V/690 V* ± 5 %**, 50 Hz, D/Y
290 V/500 V, 50 Hz, D/Y
In an additional tolerance range of ± 5 %, the torque has to keep its value without limitation. If the motors are wound for 290 V/500 V, a design voltage range is not required.
* Design voltage acc. to DIN IEC 60038
** Design voltage range

Warranty for products and services of VEM motors GmbH and VEM motors Thurm GmbH

When signing supply agreements between purchaser and VEM motors GmbH, the terms of purchase and delivery of VEM motors GmbH and VEM motors Thurm GmbH are valid. For Information they will be sent to the customer on request.

Low-voltage three-phase motors are classified as capital goods. Questions of warranty are not specified in the regulation 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25th May 1999. This regulation defines details about guarantee of consumer goods.

Generally VEM supplies the product according to the technical specifications that were agreed by the customer and described in the order confirmation that was sent by VEM to the customer. The customer is obliged to consider the hints in the installation, operation and maintenance manual and to include them when setting the product up for operation and starting it. Only if the customer complies with these requirements VEM accepts a case of warranty. If the content of the manual is not observed, VEM will not accept warranty.

In principle VEM offers a warranty of 12 month after start of operation for its products, at most 18 months after delivery ex works. Basic requirement is the storage, intended use and start of operation.

On customer request it is possible to extend the warranty period to 24 months after start of operation, at most 36 months after delivery ex works. On customer request it is also possible to extend the warranty period to 24 months after start of operation; at most 36 months after delivery ex works (named 24/36 in the following text). This will mean an additional charge of 0.5 % of the merchandise value for each month. The extended warranty 24/36 is not valid for wear parts like radial shaft seals, bearings, grease for bearings. If the customer requests to include the mounted parts, brakes, separately driven fans, encoder, relubrication devices, gears or return stops, in the warranty, VEM will negotiate the conditions with the suppliers. Additional costs from the suppliers will be passed on to the customer.

Maximum warranty by VEM is 36 months after start of operation, max. 60 months after delivery ex works with a correponding additional charge of 0.5 % of the merchandise value for each month will be added. However no warranty will be accepted for wear parts also climate and corrosion protection according to the installation, operation and maintenance manual.

The calculation of the additional charge for extended warranty is based on the specification for delivery ex works.

Besides these basic warranty conditions it is possible to agree the warranty period within the above mentioned time limits for an individual project depending on the customer requirements.

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