25. June 2015

The next trade show is always on the way
ACHEMA 2015 showed that VEM is well placed as a partner in a diverse industrial base.

Transnorm motor
Size 400, 320 kW, IE3

The unchallenged highlight for VEM at the leading trade fair for the process industries which recently came to an end in Frankfurt am Main was the IE3 version of a 320 kw low-voltage transnorm motor, frame size 400. This motor, built for the “e” increased safety range, was equipped with RFID technology. This memory function allows the motor data and maintenance history to be saved.

The gratifying bottom line on our time at the trade show from 15 to 19 June 2015: visitor interest in our stand was considerably greater than for previous process industry exhibitions. One reason may be that the ACHEMA 2015 no longer focused entirely on the chemicals industry but also included related fields of industry. Students, professionals and purchasers also took the opportunity to gain an impression of our VEM group’s expertise in the fields of oil and gas – and as it happened there were several chances for them to do so on the trade show grounds, as other exhibitors were of course showing VEM machines in various applications.

The VEM trade show also offered some new insights as a sensor revealing global movements in the sector. “As well as plenty of exhibitors from the field of plant construction, we also came across several pump producers and related branches of industry”, sums up Roland Zänger, head of VEM sales for the German-speaking countries. “Numerous expert discussions with visitors from Asia and the Middle East showed us clearly that the future need for investment will come from outside Germany.”

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