09. June 2015

Milestone in large goods transport
Two piston compressor drives from the VEM Dresden location have arrived at Albert Port, Dresden, on their way to India.

Compressor drive at the VEM test facility
One of the motors at the VEM test facility

Shipping two piston compressor drives at the end of May 2015 proved to be a logistical accomplishment. It took two meticulously planned days, two transports at a maximum of around 150 tonnes of payload, and a lot of delicate manoeuvring while loading and unloading to complete the job. The Albert Port in Dresden will see the drives shipped down the Elbe to the open sea towards their final destination at a chemical plant in India.

Switzerland-based Burckhardt Compression commissioned these two large machines. Within the framework of a similar order a 30 MW synchronous motor set off on a journey to an Indian chemical plant in September of last year. Weighing in at 196 tonnes, this compressor drive is the largest machine that the VEM Dresden location has ever built in decades of building large electrical machines.

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