09. June 2015

Expertise in power plant technology
We at VEM have been involved in the massive expansion of power generation capacity in Poland, delivering equipment for future coal power plants in the country.

Power plant in Opole (Poland)
Power plant in Opole (Poland)

Gaining Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE) as a new customer required a successful audit at VEM Dresden by Stuttgart-based Alstom Power Boiler. Alstom Power is part of the consortium that embarked on constructing the future coal-fired power plant in Opole in mid-February 2014, a contract that follows on from deliveries to the power plant at Kozienice south of Warsaw. The deliveries to Opole began in early June and include motors and frequency converters.

Located between Wroclaw and Katowice in south-western Poland, the power plant in Opole is to be equipped with two new blocks at a capacity of 900 MW each in an investment project to the tune of € 2.8 billion. This particular construction project is part of an extensive nationwide investment programme aimed at securing the energy supply in Poland, and encompasses power generation facilities, state-of-the-art electricity grids, gas pipelines and warehouses, and a gas terminal.

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