07. April 2015

Focusing on a clean power supply
VEM transresch is addressing the trend towards using drives with frequency converters with strategies for preserving mains power quality.

A project our VEM Berlin location is currently working on will be providing a double benefit for a customer in the chemicals industry: VEM transresch will be ensuring compliance with especially restrictive requirements on power quality by minimising distortions in the power supply from harmonics while gaining valuable know-how for itself.

It took an unconventional approach to reach this demanding goal. VEM transresch will be able to apply the experience gained in consultation and project management for other customers. The increasing trend towards using drive systems with frequency converter technology involves heavy demands on power quality at the feed-in point. We are addressing this in a variety of strategies depending on technical parameters and the power supply situation that need to be observed.

Figure: Recording measurements in the upper harmonic range (blue) compared to the required values (red). The graph shows that the individual measurement values may vary considerably from the values specified, and this is where our solutions help reach the required values.

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