07. April 2015

Coal’s the goal
Kazakhstan is investing heavily in modernising its coal mining industry, with VEM delivering new technology for the project.

Coal depot in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh coal mining industry will see more than four billion dollars pumped into modernisation projects by the early 2020s. The country already has the world’s largest open-cast coal mine; our involvement this year consists of motors driving the belt drives and moving equipment at a coal depot, with Actemium BEA GmbH drawing up the technical specifications for these motors. We supplied belt drives, moving equipment, and drum and tightening drives in 2014.

Around US$1.7 billion will be invested in constructing new coal-fired power plants as well as the use of new technology according to the Delegations of German Industry and Commerce for Central Asia. Around US$2 billion have been budgeted for modernising coal mines. According to the German delegations, Kazakhstan will be mining around 150 million tonnes of coal per annum by 2030.

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