18. December 2014

EN 50598: New standard planned for early 2015
The EN 50598 standard covers the whole drive system for the purposes of saving energy; we are already working on implementing the standard at VEM.

The standard covers the ecological design requirements in electrical drive systems at a power output range of 0.12 to 1,000 kW as used in electrically driven load machines. The benefit lies in the possibility of calculating the energy efficiency of every component in the drive system such as the motor, converter, and motor starter, and includes operating conditions for each load machine. EN 50598 uses the IES system to define efficiency class.

We at VEM began testing our low-voltage three-phase motors for use in electrical drive systems according to EN 50598 in 2014 – before the standard was to come into effect. The data pool available initially covers a power output range of 0.75 to 375 kW as well as compact drives, and is undergoing constant extension.

This leaves us with VEM products that fulfil the requirements of efficiency class IES2 whether as individual components or in conjunction with frequency converters. We presented a new tool at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair last November; the tool calculates efficiency class according to parameters entered. The program also takes operating conditions in pump and ventilation applications into account.

We will be passing on the benefit of being able to select and order individual components in their drive systems to our customers in mechanical plant engineering: our customers will not have to buy components from one particular manufacturer even though EN 50598 covers the entire drive system.

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