10. October 2014

IE3 from the New Year – and an alternative
Only IE3 motors will be allowed on the market in the 7.5 kW to 375 kW output range from 2015 onwards.

Warning label certified by CEMEP

The new and second stage of EU Motor Regulation 640/2009 towards raising minimum efficiency to efficiency class IE3 – Premium Efficiency – will apply to this output range from 1 January next year. VEM already has an alternative ready for the market.

The regulation also allows IE2 motors together with a frequency converter as an alternative to IE3 motors. VEM will be supplying motors for these designs in packaging marked with EU-standard labels. The rating plate also includes information on speed control range, torque characteristic and maximum speed, and the operation and maintenance manual includes further details for customers. The motor and frequency converter components may be sold separately; they do not need to be sold in one unit.

Users are responsible for compliance with the EU Regulation’s requirements, and therefore need to indicate that the motor will be used with a frequency converter on each customer order.

Manufacturers are required to label IE2 motors and packaging with a CEMEP-certified warning label (see above) in case they are intended for use with a frequency converter.

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