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Drive solutions for steel and rolling mills – for the toughest demands

Drives in steel and rolling mills are exposed to extremely hard demands. Glowing steel, alternating operational modes and overloads spell out a high level of electrical and mechanical strain that calls for very sturdy designs.

As a traditional supplier to heavy industry, VEM has developed over decades into a specialist for rolling mill drives. We are your expert business partner both when building new rolling mills and modernising and reequipping existing plants. We plan, produce, supply and put complete system solutions in operation in metallurgy focusing on rolling and tube-rolling mills. We build complete electrical drive units consisting of transformers, frequency converters and power converters including motors with powers ranging from 500 kW to 12 MW for low and medium voltage as modernisation projects.

Our range of products not only includes complete controlled drive systems but also twin drives, drives for rolling frames, shears and reels, roller tables and auxiliary drives that meet the highest standards.

The hallmark of these drives is their robustness to mechanical strain while being reliable and resilient.

three-phase roller table motors (IE2, IE3)0.5 – 710 kW
three-phase gear roller table motors (IE2, IE3)0.4 – 450 kW
three-phase motors for cranes in steel works4.8 – 315 kW
DS asynchronous and synchronous motors500 – 18,000 kW
VEMoDRIVE Multi500 – 28,000 kW

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