System solutions Cement and mining industry

The cement and mining industry is under enormous pressure these days to innovate. In particular, the burgeoning importance of efficient-energy production plants and environmentally friendly processes constantly call for new developments.

Dust, heat and hard mechanical loads are the hallmark of the operating conditions for drive solutions in extracting and processing raw materials. An environment like this makes major demands of motors and components used for mills, crushers, ovens or conveyor belts.

Asynchronous motors with slip ring rotors are especially good at standing up to these extreme demands. We offer you robust slip ring motors in the medium and high voltage range that work reliably even in the dusty heat of a cement factory. These motors are also suited to difficult start-up conditions with their special starters. They are always air-cooled and every drive is equipped with its own closed cooling system in the form of an air-air heat exchanger to make sure no cement dust penetrates into the inside of the motor. These heat exchangers are also planned and built by us.

asynchronous motors for operating on frequency convertersthree-phase asynchronous motors,
slip ring rotors

three-phase motors

(IE2, IE3)

Output range500 – 28,000 kW250 – 10,000 kW0.06 – 710 kW
Protection typesIP55 in conformity with DIN EN 60035-5, higher protection types as an option
Cooling typesair/water cooling air/water cooling air cooling
Design typeIM B3 and derived design types in conformity with DIN EN 60034-7

Product range cement and mining industry


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