The compact unit, consisting of motor and frequency converter, offers outstanding cost advantages compared to conventional units:

  • no costs for drive configuration
  • thanks to the compact setup no separate mounting space for the frequency converter is needed
  • high vibration strength and high degree of protection as standard extended lifetime
  • generally no output filter necessary
  • no motor cables only unshielded power cable needed
  • minimum mounting and installation costs
  • minimum startup costs immediately operational

The VEMoDRIVE Compact drives are available with the same options as the conventional setup (motor and frequency frequency converter separately). For the engine these options primarily include: type of construction, degree of protection, separately driven fan, brakes and encoders (the possibility of activating the brake from the frequency converter and analyzing encoder signals in the frequency converter can be enabled on request).

Options for the frequency converter mainly include external control units and interfaces (e. g. bus interfaces), also input-output and control modules are:

VEMoDRIVE Compact drives with motors of the efficiency class IE1*

  • MT21R, M21R, self-ventilated
  • MT21F, M21F, force-ventilated

VEMoDRIVE Compact drives with motors of the efficiency class IE2*

  • ME1R, self-ventilated
  • ME1F, force-ventilated

*Motors correspond to IE1 or IE2 in mains-fed operation

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