Under the brand name of VEMoDRIVE, VEM supplies controlled drive systems tailor-made to your application and consisting of transformers, frequency converters/ power converters and electrical machines in the performance range of 0.06 kW to 60 megawatts / 90 megavolt ampere – from the low-voltage to the medium-voltage range. The VEMoDRIVE system has the components of reputable manufacturers to offer customers and operators all of the options for new planning, modifying, supplementing and expanding automation and drive equipment for each specific user. Beyond this, already existing plants can be easily modernised and expanded upon with VEMoDRIVE. VEMoDRIVE includes both individual controlled drives as a compact variation as well as complex drive solutions including planning:

VEMoDRIVE Compactcompact drives
VEMoDRIVE Singlelow-voltage/medium-voltage single drives
VEMoDRIVE Multilow-voltage/medium-voltage multiple motor drives
VEMoDRIVE SC²sub-synchronous power converter cascades