Power plant technology Product range

Conventional power stations, reliant on fossil sources of energy, form the basic supply and reserve for the supply of electric power and stable line operation. Keeping the environment and resources in view, combustion and exhaust gas systems must be optimized further.

VEM motors, designed and built according to ZLM standardization, contribute to fulfilling the requirements for monitoring carbon emissions and also air pollution control of power plants. We supply motors, amongst other things, for boiler feeding, main cooling-water and absorber pumps as well as for oxi-compressors, coal mills and induced draught fans.

Our product range for this industry comprises:

Asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor:

  • Power range: 200 – 20,000 kW
  • Number of poles: 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- to 28-pole
  • Voltage range: 690 – 13,800 V
  • Cooling types: Air-to-air or air-to-water heat exchanger; Special design with water-jacket cooling
  • Types: IM B3 and IM V1 and modifications
  • Bearing: Rolling or friction bearings
  • Frequency:Mains and converter operation

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