Low-voltage Roller table motors

Motors for power operated roller tables are special drive elements for the rolling mill industry. Especially during operational or conveying cycles, these are subjected to especially severe electrical and mechanical requirements.
This is due to different modes of operation and loading conditions with their variants of continuous operation, intermittent mode or short-time duty as well as starting, braking or reversing cycles.

Motors of the conventional type series ARB 22 – 65 for power operated roller tables made by VEM have proven their functionality and reliability even under extreme ambient conditions for several decades. Based on the experience, VEM has developed several variants of motors for power operated roller tables geared to the conditions of the latest drive technology in frequency converter operation. The windings of these motors are especially adapted to the use with converters. As opposed to the conventional design of roller tables with a soft torque characteristic and long blocking times, motors for power operated roller tables for converter operation rather have a hard torque characteristic such as it is typical of double squirrel-cage motors. This is designed to provide good synchronous operation in group drives during varying loads. This in turn is a condition for good rolling quality.

Technical details

Frame sizes112 – 400
Power output range0.4 – 290 kW
Speeds1,500; 1,000; 750; 600; 500 r.p.m., lower speeds are available upon request
Types of protectionIP 55, optionally IP 56, IP 65 according to EN 60034-5 (IEC 60034-5)
Design typeIM B3, IM B35, IM B5, IM B14, IM B34 and derived designs according to EN 60034-7
Types of coolingAccording to EN 60034-6 (IEC 60034-6)

  • unventilated, IC 410
Coolant temperature / altitude of siteAs a standard feature, -20°C through +40°C, optionally -40°C through +60°C, altitude of site 1,000 m above sea level
TransponderOptional, RFID System iID®2000 (13.56 MHz based on ISO 15693), comes as a standard feature as from frame size 400
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