subsynchronous cascade SCC

VEMoDRIVE SCC is based on the series connection of controlled and uncontrolled converters in the rotor circuit of a three-phase asynchronous motor. This arrangement serves to recover and return the slip power to the mains supply.

VEMoDRIVE SCC can be deployed in all branches of industry, but is generally the preferred solution where a synchronous motor is undesirable due to the need for commutator maintenance and a limited speed setting range is sufficient. Typical applications are drives for centrifugal compressors, blowers and rotary pumps, with outputs ideally in the range from 500 kW to 10 MW.

Compared to flow-rate control by way of reducing valves, e.g. for water pumps, the use of VEMoDRIVE SCC achieves energy savings of 50% and more. The same applies with regard to speed control compared to the fitting of additional rotor resistors.

One particularly advantageous application is to use VEMoDRIVE SCC to convert an existing drive with slip-ring motor into a variable-speed drive in cases where the motor possesses a power reserve of 10%.

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