VEMoDRIVE soft starter MST2.0

Soft starters are used in applications where no speed or torque control is required, but limiting of the start-up current is necessary. They limit the starting current and thus the mains load by controlling the acceleration of the motor to its nominal speed. The integrated bypass then switches the motor to the mains and permits subsequent low-loss operation at constant speed.
In addition to the standard bypass feature, VEMoDRIVE soft starters incorporate further functions such as torque-controlled starting and stopping modes to enable soft starts at low currents and pump disconnection without pressure shocks. Dynamic vector braking can be used to enable the controlled braking of machines with a high moment of inertia.

Mains voltages:400 to 690 V
Outputs:    7.5 to 1,600 kW
Standards: EN 60204-1, IEC 61800-3:2004, CE
Standard modifications: Built-in bypass, coated circuit-boards, EMC category C2
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