The VEMoDRIVE multi-drive system offers you a drive strategy tailor-made to your application ranging from analysis all the way to after-sales service depending upon the application.

The multi-drive system consists of at least two robust VEM motors and other drive components of reputable manufacturers for speed regulation which is why it offers major flexibility in solving automation and drive problems.

Multiple-motor drives in the low and medium voltage range feature a robust design, long service life and a high level of reliability. VEMoDRIVE Multi is used in a wide range of industrial applications for equipment on excavators, in rolling mills, crane systems, processing machines, test bays, conveyor belts, pumps and ventilators.


analysis, technical consultation, selection of components, planning, cable project, production, supply, assembly, start-up and after-sales service


  • multiple-motor drives on the GS rail
  • LV: robust design
  • LV: long service life
  • MV: low circuit feedback
  • MV: high level of reliability


industrial applications such as pumps, ventilators, conveyor belts, test bays and rolling mill drives, etc.

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