Steel and rolling mill industry Product range

Right from the beginning we have high performance slow-running motors for the metal industry in our delivery program. After direct current motors having dominated for a long time, today dynamic, high-quality three-phase motors are used: for larger torques as synchronous machines as solid pole versions, for smaller torques as asynchronous squirrel-cage motors. The mechanical construction is designed for high loads in rolling mill operation; equally the electromagnetic dimensioning fulfils the requirements of overloads, adjusting range and control dynamics. The cooling is predominantly reliant on air-to-water heat exchangers.

We supply motors for hot and cold rolling mills for reversal stands in single and twin assembly, for edgers, finishing and tandem mills in single and duo or quarto assembly for reeling, shear and auxiliary drives.

Our product range for this industry comprises:

Asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor:

Torque5 – 120 kNm
Number of poles6-, 8- to 16-pole

Synchronous motors - solid pole rotors:

Torque10 – 2,200 kNm
Number of poles6-, 8- to 30-pole
Voltage range690 – 6,000 V
Cooling typesair/water, air/air
TypesIM B3 and IM 7115 and modifications
BearingRolling or friction bearings
FrequencyConverter operation

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