Renewable energy Product range

The stable and sufficient provision of electrical energy is decisive for the economic development of a country. Ecological aspects have increasingly played a primary role in the selection of energy sources for years now. The generation of energy via wind and hydro energy is therefore acquiring an enhanced importance as an environmentally-friendly alternative and is a secure source of energy for our future.

We supply asynchronous and synchronous generators of up to 8 MW for wind turbines, as well as actuators for azimuth and pitch gearboxes. Hydro-electric power plants such as Germany's largest 1060 MW pumped storage plant at Goldisthal, Thuringia, feed electrical energy into the grid with the aid of VEM generators.

Generators for wind energy units / wind turbines

Special wind energy generators for onshore and offshore use benefit in their development and manufacture from the industrial applications and the decades-long experience in the construction of electrical machines.

Thanks to our high-performance calculation and design departments the wind energy generators are tailored to the individual requirements of the users, with our development departments co-operating closely with partners from the fields of science and research. This results in products that are amongst the technological leaders in their field and make a major contribution to determining the pace of product generation for wind energy units.

The product range of wind energy generators includes

  • Asynchronous short-circuit rotor machines
  • Doubly-fed asynchronous machines
  • Synchronous machines (electrical or permanent magnet)
  • Synchronous machines in multi-pole design for gearless
    or single gear solutions – on request

Output range1 – 8 MW
Voltage range690 – 13,800 V
Frequencies50/60 Hz or for converter operation
Cooling typesair/water, air/air, water jacket

Generators for hydro-electric power plants

VEM utilises scientific and technical advances in the development and manufacture of hydro-electric generators of previous decades, such as the equipping of the first pumped storage plant in Germany and other hydro-electric plants. We supply you with generators in special construction forms, in vertical and horizontal design, optimally laid out for Pelton, Francis, Kaplan and pump turbines of up to 400 MVA.

As references we can point to the supply of 4 generators (2 asynchronous and 2 synchronous) for the Goldisthal pumped storage plant in Thuringia with a total output of 1060 megawatts and the upgrade of the 4 hydro-electric generators that first came into operation in Wendefurth, Saxony-Anhalt, in 1967, each with an output of 80 megawatts. Just a few examples of the innovation and expertise of VEM.

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