Low-voltage Motormonitoring with VEMoDiAC

Make your VEM motor crystal clear with VEMoDiAC.

The VEMoDiAC motor monitoring system consists of the following three components:




The VEMoDiAC-Sens measurement module is mounted directly onto or in the vicinity of the motor terminal box. It collects the necessary data such as current, voltage, power, temperature and acceleration. VEMoDiAC-Sens is connected directly to and is fed from the motor connection, making the use of batteries unnecessary. Every VEMoDiAC-Sens module undergoes a one-time parametrisation via NFC using the free VEMoDiAC app and then sends the data via WiFi to the user interface.

The VEMoDiAC-Gate's own WiFi connection allows data from the VEMoDiAC-Sens measurement unit to be collected. A repeater can be used to extend the area of use. The data is then pre-processed and transferred to the VEM cloud through a network provided by the customer. Alternatively, a connection via LTE is also possible so that access to the customer's network is not required.

All saved measurement data is available in the VEMoDiAC-Cloud. This allows all available motors to be managed via a dashboard and their saved measurement data to be analysed. Documentation, spare parts lists and certificates can also be accessed for each motor, and maintenance history and special incidents can be viewed.

In accordance with DIN SPEC 91406, each motor receives access to the VEMoDiAC-Cloud via QR code or a durable NFC chip.

VEMoDiAC can be used for the following applications:

Energy management
The active power, reactive power and the amount of energy actually consumed in kWh can be determined using real measurements of the electrical variables of the motor. The amount of energy is integrated directly into the measurement unit; therefore, the measured value is not dependent on the accuracy of the data transmission. The inaccuracy of the measurements is typically below 5%. That means that applications in accordance with ISO 50001 (Energy management) are possible. In this way, the utilisation factor of the motor and the efficiency of the drive system can also be determined.

Predictive Maintenance
By continuously measuring current, voltage, power, temperature (motor and ambient) and acceleration, motor utilisation, frequency of start-up, operating hours, load profiles and overload events can be determined and evaluated. Changes in operating behaviour are also immediately visible. This allows preventive maintenance and therefore a high availability of the motor.

Collecting operating data
Load profiles can be created from the measurements and therefore, in addition to operating hours, conclusions can also be drawn about the operation of the system and its utilisation factor.

VEMoDiAC can currently be used with VEM motors up to 30 kW and 400 V. Preparations are being made for larger motors, higher voltages, pole-changeable motors, motors with star-delta start-up and use in explosive areas.

Use with inverter-fed motors is also possible but with limitations in the accuracy of the electrical variables.

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