Drive systems Subsynchronous converter cascade (SC²)


In the VEMoDRIVE SC, an uncontrolled rectifier and a controlled converter are connected in series in the rotor circuit of the three phase induction motor to feed back the slip power into the mains.

VEMoDRIVE SC² can basically be deployed in all branches of industry. Preferably it is used in applications in which the synchronous motor is not desirable due to the necessary maintenance of the commutator and a limited speed adjustment range is sufficient. Examples include drives for centrifugal compressors, blowers and rotary pumps. In general, the ratio between the achievable energy savings and the procurement price for the system is economically favorable at a performance range between approx. 500 kW and 10 MW.

As compared with throttle-type flow-rate control, e.g. for water pumps, the use of VEMoDRIVE SC² can yield an energy saving of 50 % and more. These numbers are also valid in comparison to additional armature resistors.

Particularly advantageous existing drives with slip-ring motor can also be subsequently expanded with VEMoDRIVE SC² to a controlled drive when the motor has a power reserve of 10%.

VEMoDRIVE SC² 2x3150kW, Overall view

The picture shows the complete cabinet row, consisting of two SCC for two 3,150 kW motors.
The information cabinet (+SI) is located in the middle of the row. Left and right of the ínformation cabinet are arranged thyristor, rectifier and fast breaker cabinets as well as cabinets with the changeover facility.

VEMoDRIVE SC² 2x3,150kW, Partial view

The picture shows the SCC for one 3,150 kw motor. The information cabinet (to the right) contains information electronics for both cascades.

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