Manufacturing sites VEM motors GmbH - factory Zwickau

2012Change of CEO as of 01/04/2012, strategic alignment: complete provider of controlled drive systems under VEMoDRIVE
2011Introduction of the II 2G Exe II T3 series, preparation of the IE3-W41R series
2010Introduction of the permanent magnet synchronous motor series
2004/2005Extension of two production buildings by a total of 3,500 m²
2001Introduction of the aluminium die-cast special series
2000Beginning of production of compact drive units
1998Independence as VEM motors Thurm GmbH
1997Privatisation by the Blaubeuren-based entrepreneur family Dr. A. Merckle
1996-1990Transformation to VEM Elektromotorenwerke Thurm GmbH as a company of VEM Antriebstechnik AG, focusing of manufacturing capacity at the Zwickau- Pöhlau site, sole concentration on motor business, formation of VEM motors GmbH
19893,500 employees work on a total of 9 units, 1,850 of which directly in motor production
1971Introduction of the KMR standard motor series from 0.12 to 4.0 kW
1970Independent operation of the electrical engineering combine
1967/1968In response to the requirement for electrical motors with low output classes the plant is expanded. A subsidiary unit for drive motors is erected on a former mining site in Zwickau.
1964Delivery of the 4,000,000th motor
1959Production of the 1,000,000th motor
1948The new start begins with annual production of 1,200 motors.
1947Kurt and Alfred Stephan are disappropriated. The plant is nationalised and produces motors under the VEM brand.
1946After the 2nd world war and subsequent disassembly the conditions are created for renewed motor production.
1935Production of the 10,000th motor. The plant is expanded further. The production programme comprises three-phase motors and single-phase motors, weaving loom drives, washing machines, drives for blacksmith bellows and for machine tools.
1928The 5,000th motor is produced.
1920Beginning of production of electrical and gear motors.
1908Founding of an electrical company in the Saxon town of Thurm by the brothers Kurt and Alfred Stephan.



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