Manufacturing sites VEM motors GmbH - factory Wernigerode

2011Manufacture and launch of energy-efficient motors of the classes IE1 (Standard Efficiency), IE2 (High Efficiency) and IE3 (Premium Efficiency)
2010Manufacture and supply of permanent-magnet synchronous motors.
2008Beginning of planning and expansion of capacity for aluminium die-casting, modernisation of test bays for the manufacture of energy-saving motors.
2007Company jubilee. Electric motors have been produced at the VEM motors GmbH site in Wernigerode for 60 years.
2006 -1999Acquisition of former VEM agencies and restructuring in sales companies in Sweden, Austria, Great Britain and Singapore.

16.5 m euros invested in modern manufacturing equipment.
1998The ten millionth motor is delivered.
1997On the 50th anniversary, almost to the day, privatisation is carried out by the entrepreneur family Dr. Adolf Merckle of Blaubeuren.
1996Company renamed VEM motors GmbH.
1990As a company of VEM Antriebstechnik AG VEB Elektromotorenwerk Wernigerode is renamed VEM Elektromotorenwerk Wernigerode GmbH.

Beginning of restructuring and the concentration of manufacturing capacity for one of the most modern European manufacturing sites for electrical motors.
1989On a total area of 58,000 square metres 3,260 employees produce 350,000 motors a year.
1978The company expands production capacity with the construction of a new production hall.
1970Independent operation of the electrical engineering combine.
1950To save copper, engineers in Wernigerode join forces with scientists from Hettstedt in 1950/51 to develop a motor with aluminium coil. This makes a new insulation necessary. The Wernigerode engineers resolve the problem with a new insulator made from "Isoperlon varnish". However, it proves necessary to compensate the poorer conductivity of aluminium by extending the laminated core. The plant produces these motors until the beginning of the 1960s, exclusively for the requirements of the GDR.
1948Elektromotorenwerk Wernigerode is incorporated into VVB Elektromaschinenbau.
1947Elektromotorenwerk Wernigerode is founded in January 1947, commencing production of electrical motors. 200 employees produce 200 motors in the company's first year. The plant is established on the site of the Rautal-Werke, which began producing cast aluminium parts for the aircraft industry in 1938 and was dismantled after 1945.



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