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VEM is an innovative, internationally-active and reliable manufacturer of technically sophisticated system and drive solutions, custom drives and single components. The output capacity ranges from 0.06 kilowatts to 60 megawatts / 90 megavolt ampere. Continuity and reliability, including in the future, this is what the production and service at VEM stands for. The engineering and quality of the products with the VEM logo are trendsetters within the market.

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New insulation robot at Sachsenwerk Installation boosts production capacity for high-voltage coils

With the recent purchase and installation of a new insulation robot, VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH has killed two birds with one stone. Firstly, it enables the electric drive specialist to practically double the number of insulated copper-wire coils it can produce. That not only expands production capacities, but also improves overall production conditions. At the same time, the commissioning of the new plant – at a cost of around €750,000 – is an investment in the future. “We intend to continue with further investments to support our core competences winding and coil manufacture over the next two years. After all, they represent the heart of an electric machine,” says Sebastian Wolf, head of the coil manufacturing department. The new insulation robot achieves tangible enhancement of the wrapping quality for the insulation of high-voltage machines from Sachsenwerk. “We are now even better able to meet both our own quality ambitions and the ever-increasing demands of our customers,” Wolf continues. With reference to the bulging order books, he also emphasises that this modern technology does not place jobs in danger. On the contrary, it is actually contributing to the creation of new jobs at Sachsenwerk.

VEM is Gold Sponsor for 1st CEMEP Technical Conference European drive manufacturers meet on 13th and 14th September to contribute actively to the future development of their branch

Which global trends are currently concerning the European manufacturers of electric machines and power electronics? Which challenges do they face? How will standardisation and further developments in EU legislation effect the implementation of technological processes in the future? These are some of the questions which are to be addressed when the umbrella organisation of European motor, drives and UPS manufacturers invites its members to the 1st CEMEP Technical Conference at the Harzer Kultur- & Kongresshotel in Wernigerode on 13th and 14th September 2018. For this event, which is organised for the first time in this manner, the VEM group is gold sponsor. Furthermore, VEM has opened the way for the CEMEP Conference which this year takes the place of the renowned event “Technical Day of VEM”.

Together with high-ranking representatives from industry, politics and research the participants will be discussing topics of key relevance, and in this way contributing to the formulation of future-oriented goals for manufacturers and users across the European continent.  “In the face of unrelenting international competition, we are convinced that it is no longer sufficient simply to define ever stricter energy efficiency classes. Our belief is that genuine energy savings can only be achieved by viewing drives as complete systems, and that especially in the context of Industry 4.0,” says CEMEP President Claus Petersen.

The CEMEP organisation

CEMEP is the European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics. As the umbrella organisation of European drive manufacturers, with headquarters in Brussels, its members are 12 national associations representing an industry with an overall workforce of 130,000 employees. The annual turnover of the manufacturers of electric motors, variable-speed drives and uninterruptible power supplies amounts to more than €10 billion. 

The objective of the organisation is to promote the joint interests of the industry in all technical, industrial, economic, environmental and political matters, and thereby to support the further development of products, systems and components. Its activities are structured into four industry groups: Low-voltage motors, high-voltage motors, variable-speed drives and uninterruptible power supplies.

A job as high performance sport Dr. Roland Käfer joined VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH as new managing director for operations

Vigour, resolve and determination are perhaps the most evident personal traits of Franconian-born Dr. Roland Käfer. And Dresden has been the new working home of the experienced interim manager since March 2018. As managing director for operations, his task is to develop the necessary internal links between the production, design, assembly, purchasing and shipping departments. He is the third member of the management team at VEM’s Dresden location alongside Dr. Torsten Kuntze and Falk Lehmann. Against the background of growing international markets and expanding order books, it was deemed expedient to spread the demanding scope of management duties over more shoulders.

Dr. Käfer’s career began with time as a master toolmaker, which means that he can call on extensive personal experience of shop-floor processes. Anyone who has witnessed his boundless energy will not be surprised to learn that he later gained not only a first degree in business administration, but also further graduate qualifications and a doctorate – all parallel to his work duties. Over the years, he has served numerous internationally active enterprises from the most varied branches of industry, helping them to master changes or exceptional circumstances. “My speciality is the balancing act between an understanding for production processes and bare figures,” he says. That aptly characterises his invaluable combination of practical experience and extensive theoretical know-how.

For Dr. Käfer, the setting screws for corporate success are lean management and maximised value creation. Flow production is here an important tool: “You have to consider the path a product takes on its way through the factory. And that is not necessarily bound to series production.” His experience has also shown that, if the customer is convinced by the quality of a product and the framework conditions surrounding the delivery, then he will also be prepared to accept a different price. It is only natural that the individual employees must be informed, motivated and encouraged to follow this same path. There is thus plenty of work ahead. But that is precisely the kind of situation in which Dr. Käfer can play out his strengths.


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