23. May 2019

Wernigerode invests in a new mashining centre Wernigerode has invested in a new VHC2-3000 XTS machining centre from AXA Entwicklungs- und Maschinenbau.

When the shaft end machining centre enters production
in the third quarter of 2019, it will realise several techno- logical benefits. The swivel-head milling spindle will permit the machining of shaft ends for all shaft heights required
in Wernigerode. In the past, the unmachined shafts had
to be sent to an external provider to be cut to length and centred. In future, these process steps can be handled
on the new machine. That not only enhances in-house value creation, but also enables better and more flexible response to individual customer wishes. Another plus: Inhouse manufacturing is a key to even higher quality, thanks to unbroken monitoring of the production process.
In addition, the new machining centre allows more flexible organisation of the cutting and centring stages, for example by enabling key slots to be milled into otherwise finished shafts. Working conditions are also improved by the generous layout of the production hall, especially when working with unmachined shafts in lengths over 3,000 mm. All in all, the purchase of the shaft end machining centre is in every way a good investment, as it renders replacement of an older machine superfluous.

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