08. February 2016

VEMeKAT updated to version 10.3
Updated to VEM price list 2016 and product updates

We have updated our VEMeKAT electronic catalogue to the VEM price list of 2016 along with the products themselves. The catalogue is available for download in the new version number VEMeKAT v10.3 to all of our customers here: Link to VEMeKAT v10.3

The electronic catalogue covers the whole range of low-voltage motors, custom machines, regulated drives and high-voltage machines in VEM squirrel-cage and slip-ring rotor models. In addition, the catalogue supports multiple selection for many of the technical specifications, and you can download documents individually or together in a ZIP file. VEMeKAT v10.3 also supports selecting a variety of motor types in a project list for transfer to our VEM sales service, helping you make a preselection according to your own requirements.

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